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If you don't want to be ripped off by those "Giants",find a time to call or visit our service center for repairing your mobile devices ,our products and services are reliable,affordable. We have group team to help you done the repair on the spot right the way.

Professional Customer Service

  • We have training certificate from manufacture,we can do best and professional for you.
  • Wilson-Training Tutor
  • Jason-Samsung certificate technician
  • David -Samsung certificate technician
  • James-HuaWei certificate technician

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our technicians special can do

1-Iphone Touch IC repair.

2-Iphone BackLight Issues repair.

3-Iphone USB Chip Issues repair.

4-Iphone Screwed MB repair.

5-Iphone NO IMEI Issues repair.

6-Iphone Error 9/4013/4014 repair.

7-SamSung Charging Port repair.

8-LG/HuaWei Charging port repair

9-Water&Physical Damaged repair.

10-Tablet/GPS charging port repair.

11-Data Recover services.

12-Iphone 7/7plus audio chip

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MobileSurgeon Devicec Repair Centre

Address: Unit C1235-2nd Floor PC Mall;4300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham

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